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Adding Value to Lives We Touch
Concern for the customer`s
"human" environment
Procedures based
on insect biology
Use of innovative
Long-lasting products
that are low in toxicity
Treatments performed by
highly trained technicians


XIII Convention Truly Nolen in Punta Cana 2018

Commercial pest control

Committed to improvement, our procedures and protocols are always being
updated with the goal of staying ahead of pests and technology

Protection System
science & technology
Truly Elite Protection System (TEPS) was developed for food manufacturing facilities where services must go beyond control. Our system offers prevention and minimizes the risk of pest activity and chemical contamination.


We want to partner with customers like you because we are the best global professional pest control company that has a top-notch worldwide training system, experience, knowledge and unique devices and systems that will only benefit and enhance your operation.

Truly Nolen Monitoring Devices
Insect Monitor Trap; Pheromone Trap; Insect Light Trap; Interior Rodent Monitoring Devices; Exterior Monitoring Devices.
Exclusive Truly Nolen Software
This software allows our offices to quickly capture and centralize reporting of crucial pest management information.
VIP Online Page
The data collected will be available for easy online customer access including pest sighting log, material usage report, vulnerability action report, trend reports, servicce reports and facility assessment reports. Our unique valuation report will help you be able to follow the advantages created by the program.
QR Code Reader
Electronic data collection with our exclusive bar code and reporting system provides an accurate review of conditions at every location concerning pests, conditions conductive, trends, and types of pests involved. Truly Nolen will make this information available for select customers at our exclusive VIP page.
Rapid Response
We`ll be there in a timely manner to solve any problems that might occur.
Truly Nolen Custom Training
We provide customized training to our customers and all employees worldwide. Our technical support team travels the world to ensure that each office is providing unsurpassed quality service.
Virtual Training Center
Our virtual training center allows for in-depth training in real time at our locations all across the information, no matter in which continent they are.
Quality Assurance System (Supervision APP)
Periodically our trained supervisors will visit your facility to perform an audit of the services provided by Truly Nolen using our exclusive Supervision App. The customer will receive the Audit Report.
Customer Education Program
Our offices provide free on-site training to our customers on all aspects of IPM measures, pest biology and ecology, regulatory knowledge, audit support, etc.
Scientifically Designed Service Protocols
At Truly Nolen every program is designed and customized to fit our customer`s needs. TEPS is made specifically for audited facilities.

Three Zone Protocol

1. The Green Zone
Exterior areas that could harbor conditions conducive to infestation.
2. The Yellow Zone
Interior focal points in which an infestation is more likely and control efforts should be pro-actively implemented.
3.The Red Zone
Any location with customer access, where highly discreet application protocol is essential.
Inspection and Treatment Includes:
  • Publication dispensers
  • Structural pillars
  • Porches
  • Patio pots
  • Benches
  • Trash cans
  • Entrances and customer drop points
  • Landscaped areas adjacent to foundation
  • Building perimeter and vertical surfaces
  • Soffit line and eaves
Inspection and Treatment Includes:
  • Kitchens/food prep/food storage areas
  • Employee lounges
  • Utility service areas
  • Employee restrooms
  • Janitorial service areas
  • Employee cafeteria
  • Locker rooms
  • Loading docks/receiving & shipping areas
  • Business offices
  • Laundry/linens storage areas
Inspection and Treatment Includes:
  • Entry areas (interior and exterior)
  • Lobbies
  • Elevators
  • Corridors
  • Public restrooms
  • Reception/waiting rooms
  • Retail areas/showrooms
  • Cafeteria/dining rooms
  • Vending machines/drinking fountains
  • Hotel rooms
Note: Zone designations are different for hospitals and food processing plants. There is no residual material used in the Red Zone for either of these locations.

ARM 360 Partnership

2/24 Rapid Response
Get a solution fast. 2 hours by phone, 24 hours on site or quicker. Pests don’t stop, neither do we.
24/7 Instant Access
View service records online instantly. Get historical information when you need it. Always know your pest management status.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the results at any time, we’ll make it right.
3RD Party Inspection
If your company fails a third-party food safety inspection due to an issue of pest control, Truly Nolen Commercial will establish and execute a plan to address the auditor’s findings and will pay for a second audit.
Complete Access to Truly Nolen
Need to talk to anyone? At any level? Reach anyone from your technician to the president of the company with one phone call.
100% Regulatory Reimbursement
Truly Nolen Commercial will reimburse you 100% of any regulatory fine if due to pest infestation.

Residential pest control

Truly Nolen Understands Year-Round Insect Behavior

Spring is the time when insects strive to increase their populations so Truly Nolen is focused on material application that reduces reproduction. The treatment focuses on the exterior of the structure where insects live and breed.
Increased insect populations eat voraciously during the summer. Insects can move faster during the summer, they are less afraid of predators which are more likely to be seen.
Young insects are maturing and all pests are building up their reserves for the winter and are actively seeking harborage. Because they are slowing down, insects are more vulnerable to predation.
During the winter, insects hide and reserve energy so that they can increase their chances of surviving until Spring. The technician`s focus is on eradicating insects that are taking refuge inside the home.

Have a specific pest-related question?

Truly Nolen's interactive pest guide can help you identify common household pests and the possible signs of an infestation.

The green side of truly

Truly Nolen has done a tremendous amount of research to find the highest performing,
naturally occurring pest control products available.


Chrysanthemum flowers are a great source of botanical repellents. The flowers are pulverized and the active components called Pyrethrins extracted. Pyrethrum is an important, natural source of pesticide.

Pest Control:

Pyrethrins are effective on all insects, as well as inhibiting mosquitoes from biting. They are biodegradable and decompose when exposed to sunlight. This material is considered to be among the safest pesticides. They are approved for use in certifed organic farms and food processing plants, and when used as an aerosol, it is highly repellent and fast acting.

It`s ideal for some of the insects favorite hiding spots, like closets.


Abamectin attacks insects and mites, causing paralysis. The insect stops feeding and dies after a few days. When used as a bait, It effectively controls cockroaches, ants, and crickets.

Pest Control:

Abamectin attacks insects and mites, causing paralysis. The insect stops feeding and dies after a few days. When used as a bait, It effectively controls cockroaches, ants, and crickets.

Truly Nolen uses this product in low doses around the perimeter of your yard as an outer defense against invasions. It successfully halts egg production in queen ants, which work towards eliminating the future threat of the colony."


Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring, soft sedimentary rock that easily crumbles into a fine powder. Diatomaceous Earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae.

Common Uses:

Some common household uses for DE are as a filtration aid for drinking water and swimming pools and as a mild abrasive in products like toothpaste, facial masks, dietary cleansing products and cat litter. Since DE is non-toxic to humans, you will often find it grain-based foods as it is mixed in to keep the grain safe from bugs.

Pest Control:

This naturally occurring rock is ground to just the right size to penetrate the defensive armor of bugs causing them to dehydrate.

Truly Nolen uses it on pests inside and out like scorpions and centipedes. We`ve found it to be especially effective at preventing bed bug infestations.


Boron salts are filtered out of the earth in southern California. These products are ground into fine powder called boron dust and is used in the products like Nibor-D and Niban bait.

Since Boron has been in the earth for millions of years, it is a very stable, long lasting product that simply dilutes back into the earth when met with moisture.

Because it has the same toxicity as table salt, it is a great way to deal with many pests inside your home.

Common Uses:

Some of the most common household uses for Boron are in popular products like eye drops, household cleaners and even laundry detergents.

Pest Control:

Truly Nolen places this fine powder deep into cracks and crevices, which keeps bugs from setting up shop in your home. One of the benefits of Boron is that insects do not consider it a threat. In fact, some consider it a food source, which allows it to be readily distributed throughout the colony rather than them avoiding it. A drawback of many pesticides is that they can cause the colony to disperse into other hiding spots, sometimes making the problem worse. Boron has been used for well over 100 years. And because it aects insects digestion, it has never been found to cause resistance. Therefore we can depend on it to be a good defense far into the future. Another great benet is that it readily adheres to grease and other organic matter insects are likely to eat, which makes it even more likely that they will take it back to their nest.


Geranium oil is distilled from the flowers and leaves of the geranium plant. It has a heavy, sweet floral aroma. White pepper is taken from the ripe inner seed of the peppercorn harvested from the pepper plant.

Common Uses:

White pepper is used is food recipes and some herbal regiments. Geranium oil is used in topical beauty and aromatherapy applications.

Pest Control:

In combination, these ingredients are an all-natural bird repellent and deterrent. Applied in a formulation to areas where birds roost, the white pepper ingredient causes contact redness and a burning sensation to the bird`s feet without any actual physical harm to the pest. The geranium oil has a very pungent astringent smell that is offensive to pigeons and other birds.

Truly Nolen uses products, like Bird-O Gel, on surfaces where unwanted pigeons and birds commonly congregate and roost to discourage their presence and train them to go elsewhere. These products are non-caustic and non-corrosive, so the birds are able to walk or fly off without suffering harm. These long-lasting, non-toxic formulations are environmentally safe and not harmful to humans and other animals.


Instead of using chemicals, some products utilize bio-remediation methods to take care of conditions that encourage infestation.

Pest Control:

The enzymes in the Bio-Gel drain product attack organic build-up that can serve as a food source and breeding site for insects.

The primary focus of this product is on oils, fats and greases, proteins, and carbohydrates. Bio-Gel is ideal for dumpsters, drain lines, overflow lines, grease traps, septic systems, rendering vats, elevator pits, lift stations, and other areas where organic build-up is an issue.

The product is bio-degradable, non-toxic, and non-caustic. Routine application of this product as part of a regular pest prevention program improves drain flow, reduces foul orders, eliminates drain pests, and provides a very pleasant fresh citrus scent.

History of Truly Nolen

Yes, There Really Is a Truly David Nolen. He has transformed a small family owned business into one of the most successful family owned businesses of our time.

Truly Wheatfield Nolen founded the company in Miami, FL during the Great Depression
Chlorinated hydrocarbons developed during WWII began the modern era of pesticides
Truly David Nolen founded his own company in Tucson, AZ
First international Truly Nolen franchise opens up in Mexico
Started using antique cars for advertising
The first Red Ant developed in Albuquerque, NM forerunner to the Mousecar
Rachel Carson`s Silent Spring brought the issue of DDT pesticide toxicity to public awareness
First Volkswagen Bug made into a Mousecar
Family companies merged under one name forming - Truly Nolen of America -
Early 70s TV commercial "Creepy Crawly Jingle"
Pesticide regulation became responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
"Truly in a Can" is introduced
Opened first national training center in Phoenix, AZ
Guinness Book of World Records: World`s largest tent fumigation - University of Tampa
Scott Nolen named President
Truly William Nolen named Director of Domestic Franchising
Developed environmentally friendly pest control before "going green" was popular
Introduced Tru-Guard with Boron
First company in the U.S. to use Bayer`s Premise®
New corporate headquarters opened in Tucson, AZ
Introduced Monitored Defense System
Opened $5 million Truly University Training Center in Orlando, FL
Guinness Book of World Records: World`s Largest Mouse Trap
Opened second Truly University in Phoenix, AZ
Introduced: Tornado
Treated famous gunfight site in Tombstone, AZ
Truly Nolen converts its now world-famous Mouse Car into a stretch limo
Introduced: Total Termite Protection
Introduced: Truly Nolen Four Seasons Pest Control℠ Service
Truly Nolen begins a company-wide "Good Citizens Week" PR campaign
Truly Nolen hits $100 Million in revenue
Truly Nolen celebrates 75th year Anniversary
131 International franchises (and counting)
Purchased "The Springs" and moved Western training facility to Tucson
Truly Nolen office opened in Poland
I've been with Truly Nolen Poland since beginning. I've passed the initial training in Truly Nolen International, Orlando, FL, USA. I can answer all your questions regarding pest control, biology of pests, chemicals we use, treatments we do etc. I will be glad to assist you.
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